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Texas Ag Forum
The 2014 Texas Ag Forum has been scheduled for Thursday, April 10, 2014, at the Hilton Austin Airport, 9515 Hotel Dr, Austin, TX (Austin Bergstrom International Airport), (512) 385-6767. The program will focus on the new farm bill. Click here to view a draft program.
Advanced registration is $125 (made payable to the "Texas Ag Forum") and covers attendance and meals. As in the past, registration will be handled by the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council (1210 San Antonio St., Ste 101, Austin, TX 78701). To register, call (512) 450-0555 and ask for Gloria Johnson. Same day registration is $150.
A small sleeping block has been arranged with the hotel under "Texas Ag Forum". The room rate is $120.00, not including tax and fees.
Our mission
To provide unbiased and objective economic analysis of the impacts for policy alternatives on stakeholders.
Current Projects
Economic Impacts of the Safety Net Provisions in the Senate (S.954) and House (H.R. 2642) 2013 Farm Bills on AFPC's Representative Crop Farms - is now available.

Agricultural Policy Specialist Dr. Joe Outlaw and colleagues from the Agricultural and Food Policy Center provide brief weekly updates on current agricultural policy issues.
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The Algae Production Conversion Calculator created by the Agricultural and Food Policy Center is available in the iTunes App Store for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. A web based version is also available for many other mobile devices (eg. Android phones and tablets).
Representative Farms - The AFPC maintains a database of agricultural operations representing the major agricultural production regions of the country. These operations are used in policy research analysis. The representative farms are updated every two years using face to face panel interviews. Types of operations include cotton, rice, feed grain, and wheat farms, cattle ranches, and dairies. Contact: George Knapek
Recent Publications
General Overview of the Agricultural Act of 2014
Preliminary Data Requirements for Farm Bill Decision Aid
Climate Change Project - Iowa Representative Feedgrain Farms
Climate Change Project - Nebraska Representative Feedgrain Farms
Climate Change Project - Texas Representative Feedgrain Farms
Economic Outlook for Ranches Given the December 2013 FAPRI/AFPC Baseline
December 2013 Baseline Working Paper
December 2013 Baseline Briefing Paper
Economic and Financial Assessment of Algae Biofuels Technologies Developed by NAABB
ACRE Decision Break-Even Analysis Spreadsheet
A County-Level Land Rent Database for U.S. Agriculture and Forestry
Farm Level Analysis of Selected Provisions of the House Agriculture Committee and Senate Farm Bills Using FAPRIs Projected Prices in their August 2012 Farm Bill Analysis
A Historical Look at Texas CRP Participation
Algae Production Conversion Calculator
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