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Name: What Will it Take to Make Algae Biofuels Profitable? Documents:
Authors: James W. Richardson, Bart L. Fischer, Marc S. Allison, and Joe L. Outlaw ABO Presentation on Making Algae Profitable-2 - Sept 2010.pdf
AFPC ID: PR-2010-1
Name: Wind Energy: Issues to Consider Documents:
Authors: Brian J. Frosch and Joe L. Outlaw RR-08-2.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2008-2
Name: The Effects of Ethanol on Texas Food and Feed Documents:
Authors: David P. Anderson, Joe L. Outlaw, Henry L. Bryant, James W. Richardson, David P. Ernstes, J. Marc Raulston, J. Mark Welch, George Knapek, Brian K. Herbst, and Marc Allison RR-08-01.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2008-1
Name: Policy Tools for US Agriculture, 4th Edition Documents:
Authors: Joe Outlaw, James Richardson, Parr Rosson, Danny Klinefelter, David Anderson, Ron Knutson policy_tools_for_us_agriculture.pdf
Summary: This document summarizes what has been learned from more than 60 years of experience dealing with more than 130 agricultural and food policy tools. Contemporary federal policy regarding agriculture has its origin in the late 1920s. Since that time policy has evolved continuously as problems, conditions, goals and/or philosophies toward government involvement in agriculture have changed.
Name: Risk Assessment in Economic Feasibility Analysis: The Case of Ethanol Production in Texas Documents:
Authors: James W. Richardson, Brian K. Herbst, Joe L. Outlaw, David P. Anderson, Steven L. Klose, R. Chope Gill II RR 06-3.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2006-3
Name: The Economics of Ethanol from Sweet Sorghum Using the MixAlco Process Documents:
Authors: Michael H. Lau, James W. Richardson, Joe L. Outlaw, Mark T. Holtzapple, Rene F. Ochoa RR 06-2.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2006-2
Name: US Ethanol Production and Use Under Alternative Policy Scenarios Documents:
Authors: Henry Bryant and Joe Outlaw RR 06-1.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2006-1
Name: Effects of Recent Fossil Energy Market Developments on US Ethanol Documents:
Authors: Henry L. Bryant, Joe L. Outlaw, James W. Richardson, Lindsey M. Higgins, Jody L. Campichie BP 06-5.pdf
AFPC ID: BP-2006-5
Name: An Economic Examination of Potential Ethanol Production in Texas Documents:
Authors: Joe L. Outlaw, David P. Anderson, Steven L. Klose, James W. Richardson, Brian K. Herbst, Mark L. Waller, J. Marc Raulston, Shannon L. Sneary, Robert C. Gill Comprehensive Ethanol Feasibility Study 2.pdf
AFPC ID: RR-2003-1
Name: Effects on Representative Feed Grain Farms From Elimination of the Excise Tax Exemption For Fuel Ethanol Documents:
Authors: Smith, Edward G.; James W. Richardson; David P. Anderson; Allan W. Gray; Steven L. Klose; Joe L. Outlaw wp97-3.htm
AFPC ID: WP-1997-3
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