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Safety Net/Risk
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Name: Policy Tools for US Agriculture, 4th Edition Documents:
Authors: Joe Outlaw, James Richardson, Parr Rosson, Danny Klinefelter, David Anderson, Ron Knutson policy_tools_for_us_agriculture.pdf
Summary: This document summarizes what has been learned from more than 60 years of experience dealing with more than 130 agricultural and food policy tools. Contemporary federal policy regarding agriculture has its origin in the late 1920s. Since that time policy has evolved continuously as problems, conditions, goals and/or philosophies toward government involvement in agriculture have changed.
Name: Economic Comparison of the Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act (H.R. 2419) to Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment to H.R. 2419 Documents:
Authors: James W. Richardson and Brian K. Herbst AFPC HR2419 Analysis.pdf
AFPC ID: BP-2007-9
Name: Impacts of the FARM 21 Proposal on Representative Crops, Dairy and Beef Cattle Farms Documents:
Authors: Joe L. Outlaw, James W. Richardson, J. Marc Raulston, George M. Knapek, Brian K. Herbst briefing report.pdf
AFPC ID: BP-2007-8
Name: Representative Farms Economic Outlook for the November 2002 FAPRI/AFPC Baseline - Working Paper Documents:
Authors: James W. Richardson, Joe L. Outlaw, David P. Anderson, James D. Sartwelle, III, Paul Feldman, Keith Schumann, Steven L. Klose, Robert B. Schwart, Jr., Peter Zimmel wp02-08.pdf
AFPC ID: WP-2002-8
Name: Analysis of Representative Rice Farms Under H.R. 2646 and the Continuation of the FAIR Act Documents:
Authors: Christy M. Houston; James W. Richardson; Joe L. Outlaw; Edward G. Smith; Abner W. Womack wp01-10.pdf
AFPC ID: WP-2001-10
Name: Comparison of Alternative Safety Net Programs for the 2000 Farm Bill Documents:
Authors: Schumann, Keith D.; Paul A. Feldman; James W. Richardson; Edward G. Smith wp01-3.pdf
AFPC ID: WP-2001-3
Name: Counter-Cyclical Farm Safety Nets Documents:
Authors: Richardson, James W.; Steven L. Klose; Edward G. Smith ip01-1.pdf
AFPC ID: IP-2001-1
Name: Southern Farmers Exposure to Income Risk Under the 1996 Farm Bill Documents:
Authors: Knutson, Ronald D.; Edward G. Smith; David P. Anderson wp98-4.pdf
AFPC ID: WP-1998-4
Name: Policy Initiatives for Texas Agriculture to Address Drought and Increased Risk Documents:
Authors: Knutson, Ronald D.; Edward G. Smith; Roland D. Smith; David P. Anderson ip98-2.pdf
AFPC ID: IP-1998-2
Name: Farm Level Impacts of Revenue Assurance Documents:
Authors: Gray, Allan W.; James W. Richardson; Jackie M. McClaskey NA
AFPC ID: WP-1995-4
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